Adolescent counselling and psychotherapy for teenagers

Is your adolescent child struggling with an issue in their life? Effective, affordable help from a professional counsellor will give them the support they need as they work towards overcoming their problems.

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Empower your teenager with mental health

Most adolescents experience times when they feel sad, angry, lonely and confused. But sometimes things get too much and they require specialist help. Today’s teenagers are more prone than ever to bouts of depression and anxiety prompted by an array of trigger factors, ranging from school work and social media to bullying and bereavement.

As trained psychotherapists and counsellors, we help teenagers from 12 year-olds up with specific issues and general behavioural problems, such as OCD, anxiety and self harm. We will get to the route of your child’s issues and help them take control of their thoughts and emotions, so they can live an emotionally healthy life.

Affordable therapy for adolescents

It takes specialist expertise to engage and guide troubled teenagers. We will give your child space to open up and explore their issues, and help guide them towards an effective solution.

One approach that has proved successful is our ‘walk and talk’ service. This takes your adolescent out of the confines of the therapy room and into an open, outdoor environment where they feel more at ease and able to disclose their inner thoughts and feelings.

Working in accordance with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy’s (BACP) Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, our leading low cost adolescent therapy sessions cost £55 per session and deliver great value and great results.

The first step is easy. Simply contact us to arrange your free initial consultation.